School Management Solutions


Our BrightSkool Management System is designed especially for schools to manage challenges in a single unified solution. It is a 100% web based solution, with a proven record of increased productivity and efficiency. It is reliable and affordable. We customise our system to meet the specific requirements of our client. Designed to be user friendly, our system enhances the school’s ability to monitor and analyse data related to students, staff, parents and other day to day administrations.

BrightSkool Management System Delivers:
  • Complete process automation to increasing productivity
  • 24/7 availability from anywhere in the world
  • Effective communication between teachers, parents and students
  • Centralized secured data storage with daily backups
  • Comprehensive & cost-effective solution for total school management
  • Secured and permission driven access to critical data
  • User friendly interface requiring minimal learning and IT skills
  • SMS/Email driven communication for instant updates
  • Customized and auto generated reports
  • Online forum common to students, parents and teachers
  • Scalable and customizable solution for future enhancements
  • Unparalleled system support & maintenance
  • Training and Hosting

Key Features

Student Management Portal
Staff Management Portal
Parent Management Portal
Time Table Management Portal
Attendance Management Portal
Progress Report Cards Portal
Leave Management Portal
Staff Profile Management Portal
Fee Management Portal
Exams Portal
SMS Alerts System
Emailing Portal
Online Registration
Automate tasks & email reminders
Data Import/Export Tools
Student Complaints and Disciplinary Portal
Automated Receipts & Tax Forms
Track student payments
Disciplinary issues management
Download/print PDF, Excel, CSV
Create letters & forms
Manage library services
Discussion forum
Event calendar
Email/RSS support
Customizable reports
Standard reports
Create custom fields & filters
Generate student ID cards
Program & course scheduling
Staff/Student/Parent login
Unlimited users, multiple roles
256-bit SSL security
Daily backup

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