SME Services



BrightSword Technologies a proven track record of advising and implementing IT strategies and systems for numerous small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).Good advice, business planning and a strong support network are key success factors for the entrepreneurs of today, by using our SME services, customer management applications and proven support methods, we can provide SMEs with a wide range of services, from IT support to fully managed services.

SME Services Offered

IT Consulting

Strategic planning includes advisory services that help you to assess your information technology needs and formulate system implementation plans. Our team of solution experts would conduct meetings with project stakeholders representing different departments to analyze and define the system requirements and propose relevant IT solutions. The consultation process is carried out through the entire implementation lifecycle of the system.

System Development

The application development team would design, develop and implement a system based on the business requirements specified by the customer and the IT consulting team. Whenever relevant, existing frameworks would be customized to meet the client need. This would help expedite the development process and reduce the overall implementation cost.


User training sessions will be provided to different user groups of the system, to ensure easy adaptation of the new system. The training sessions are tailored to cater to the learning needs of the various user groups.

Data Migration

Data migration is an optional service provided to clients that require data from their existing data sources to be migrated to the new system. Our technical team would analyze the data structures of the existing data sources and propose a feasible data migration plan. Upon confirmation, the data migration plan may be executed.

Deployment and Hosting

As part of a one stop solution we offer deployment and hosting services. Our technical team will analyze the hardware, software and hosting needs. We will assist in procuring and hosting the server and in installing the software that is required to successfully deploy the application.

Maintenance & Support

This is an essential service to ensure the smooth operations and the continual usage of the system. We offer services that cater to the following

  • application & database backup
  • provide ongoing technical support
  • flexibility to enhance the system as the business needs change