IT Consulting Services


We bring many decades of IT experience to bear when we provide consultancy services to our customers. Our broad range of project experience, coupled with our deep understanding of technologies and tools allow us to provide effective and value-laden solutions to their requirements.

Our solutions are always innovative, sometimes unconventional, and never too expensive – a statement that all our customers will vouch for.


We have experience in designing and developing:

  • Web Application Solutions
  • Web Service Solutions
  • Multi-Tier Database-Driven Solutions
  • Business Workflow Implementation Solutions
  • Document Management and Collaboration Solutions
  • Data-Retrieval and Processing Solutions


We are familiar with the following platforms on which to design our solutions:

  • Core Microsoft .NET, Windows Communication Framework, Windows Workflow Foundation
  • Microsoft SharePoint Services
  • Microsoft BizTalk Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server Reporting, Crystal Reports
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server, ASP.NET
  • LAMP/WAMP running vTiger, with customizations
  • LAMP/WAMP running Magento, with customizations
  • Apache + SVN, Apache + TRAC, Apache + PLONE


Our consulting work is highly structured and follows strict guidelines for documentation and recording communication.

We are comfortable with an iterative process of identifying issues, proposing solutions and enumerating their constraints, and successively refining the requirements until the right balance is reached between the correctness and completeness of the solution, and its time and money cost in implementation.

We generally follow up the consultancy phase of a project with its delivery, but we are also open to being engaged purely for consultancy.