Healthcare IT Services

Information Technology is only just beginning to assert itself seriously in the Healthcare arena. Healthcare professionals are justifiably wary about adopting and using technology until there is a level of proven stability and security, and until the gains in productivity outweigh the pains of adoption.

The current environment, however, has applied significant pressure to improve collaboration and data-exchange within the constraints of security and patient confidentiality.

BrightSword understands the impact and applicability of HIPAA requirements, and can intelligently apply such standards in the interest of good business practice even when these are not mandated by law.

We also have custom code-generation applications built around HL7 which facilitate HL7 document creation, storage and retrieval.We have written EMR prototypes for several customers. Some of our more complex EMR demos have included the ability to transfer EMR information via HL7.

BrightSword has an impressive track record in delivering such high-stability applications, and has long-standing customer relationships with Healthcare organizations in Singapore.

Healthcare IT Services Offered

  • Healthcare IT Consulting & Outsourcing
  • Healthcare IT Application Development
  • HIPPA & HL7 Compliance Solutions and Services
  • Healthcare IT Mobile Application Development
  • Healthcare IT Website & Portal Development
  • Business Intelligence
  • SaaS & Cloud Application Development
  • Healthcare IT Application Testing Services
  • Healthcare IT Application Maintenance & Support
  • Security & Data Management
  • Application Training
  • Application Hosting
  • Disaster Recovery
  • System Virtualization
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