Application Development Services


Applications come in a variety of architectures and topologies. From a simple monolithic application (think “Calculator”) to a complex, cooperative workflow running in a distributed environment (like a Medical Transcription system which manages the process of voice-files recorded in the US being transcribed into Microsoft Word documents in India), all applications have this in common – they have to just work!

A whole slew of our custom business applications are working all over the world today – keeping smart businesses running smart!

What we do

Healthcare Solutions

We are very keen to showcase our leadership in developing IT solutions for the healthcare space. We have written solutions to manage aggregated insurance claims for employer healthcare plans, applications that perform health screening for diseases like diabetes and cancer by intelligently asking a few questions, and we have participated in creating secure medical record collaboration systems that comply with HIPAA and employ HL7.

E-Business Solutions

If your company doesn’t use a CRM system to keep track of its customers, sales force and marketing campaigns, we can help a great deal. We can put together a CRM system for you and help you get the metrics you need to decide which customers to pursue and which sales people are your star employees. While there are several ready-made solutions available (and we can customize some of these for you, if you like), there’s still nothing like the personal touch which takes care of those things that make your business special. Talk to us about your concerns – chances are, we’ve solved them already.

Core Business Process Web Applications

If your company is still exchanging information by mailing Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word documents around, it’s time to change. Why not talk to us about a custom business web application that manages structured data aggregation and enables collaboration without having to worry about whether the most recent copy of a document is being used? We can even embed a flexible workflow management system that ensures that your business processes are being properly followed. (“Bob needs to fill out these sales numbers and has to get Alice’s agreement before sending the chart off to Fred”)

What platforms and tools we use

Our platform of choice is Microsoft .NET.

We are experts in using classic .NET technology to build Windows-based monolithic applications and Web- and Windows-based multi-tier application front-ends. We can write slick WPF and SilverLight interfaces for specific requirements.

We write web applications in ASP.NET and can also incorporate them in SharePoint installations if required.

We also write high-performance ISAPI applications when plain ASP.NET isn’t the best choice for the job. We’ve pioneered AJAX on our own .NET-based MVC web-server.

Our innovations include using XML, XPath, XSD and XSLT effectively to cleanly isolate and localize data transformation, so quite a bit of customization takes place without having to change code or recompile.

We are experts in using SQL for the data-storage work and evolved our own OR/M solution which can work on multiple database-servers like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL.

We write Windows Services for certain solutions which can run un-attended and work in the background, performing serious work without requiring interaction.

We also support and actively use certain Open Source technologies and platforms.

We can customize and implement a CRM solution around vTiger if all your business needs can be satisfied out-of-the-box. Similarly, we can customize and implement an e-business solution using Magento.

How we do it

We innovate where necessary, and stick to tried-and-tested techniques where possible. A lot of effort goes into designing the application properly, thinking through scenarios where components fail, get overloaded or get disconnected, and ensuring that the behaviour of the system is acceptable under those scenarios.

Our ISO 9001:2008 processes mandate that we document each step of the way, getting approvals and delivering reports to stakeholders at various stages, and generally being responsible.

Our confidence in our work stems from a thorough understanding of the platforms and tools we work with, our certified process of development and collaboration and the passion we put into making sure we have designed and built the best solution possible.

Our testing phase is thorough and unforgiving – we automate as many tests as possible, and while development takes place fractionally, testing takes place incrementally and previous features are repeatedly tested to ensure that nothing is broken by a recent “improvement”.